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United Kingdom
My Name is Shannon
I live in England with my family and friends
I have a Fiance called Josh, we got together March 30th 2010 <3
My occupation currently is student, I'm studing to work in theatre as a costume maker.
I have a part time job which is how i get my money.
My favourate colours are Black, blue and purple
My favourate hobbies are cosplaying, reading, painting, hanging out with friends
My favourate book is "The Infernal Devices" series
My favourate video games is the Kingdom heart series
(I just want to point out I would not normally do this and I am in no way being racist but this one person and his followers have pissed me off way to much)
Ok I've seen a lot of things lately from some dude on youtube calling himself "VeryProudToBeAsian" along with other accounts he has along the same lines.
Now he claims that it is racist for western people to cosplay, that we are "Psycho racists" for trying to look like them, claiming that we ruin their anime shows for cosplaying and saying that all Asians are perfect, while some asians maybe be very beautiful it doesnt mean everyone is, its like that no matter where your from, but he then goes on to say "Stop being racist to us you western scum! Just because westerners are fat and ugly stop trying to be asian when your not"
Now is it just me or does this not look right? you tell us not to be racist and yet you start being racist to us and that makes it ok?
He also says that they created anime and cosplay so stop trying to copy them.
So thats where I draw the line, at least have your facts straight before becoming a racist.

Origin of anime - Did you know that if it wasnt for a certain WESTERNER that anime wouldnt exsist at all? Thats right, when animation was first starting out they used the techniques from the french, german, United states and even russia wo had been using them first, but in terms of the type of anime that we know today we have Tezuka who created the manga to Astro-boy that was then turned into a cartoon, did you know what his influence was? Walt Disney!
Thats right, the pretty much founder of anime and manga as we know it to this day was inspired by none other than Walt Disney, an AMERICAN! The japanese wouldnt have their style of anime that they have today if it wasnt for the earily creations from the man himself walt disney.

Origins of Cosplay - The term "Cosplay" was made by a Japanese reporter combinding the words costume and roleplay, however did you know where he went that gave him this term? In 1984, Nov Takahashi was sent to report on the goings-on of the '84 WorldCon in America, what he saw there was 30 years of traditional costume makeing that hadnt been going on long before, when the artical was released its unknown of how soon after that people in japan started doing the same sort of thing, however we are also unknown as to whether they did this before the americans as well as it only really started to become apparent when he realised his artical, so it is unfair to say that the Japanese or Americans invented it first because their is no exsact proof of who started it, no documentation at all. Therefore this guy saying that they invented it is wrong, because we dont know who did, but we do know it was the americans that found its raising popularity first.

He claims that we are trying to look Japanese because of their anime, Well Let me Explain about Japanses characters:
-Japanese anime characters have large eyes, typically most asians do not have large eyes but many have plastic surgry to get this feature because they find it attractive, its the westerners who are known for their large eyes not the asians.
-ALOT of anime woman are very busty, when you think of an asian woman this isnt what we typically think of, now German or american woman or even african woman, yes we will think about this when we think about what they look like.
-A lot of anime characters are actually described as or look like they are actually quite tall, asians are known to be small, the average height for men in Japan are 5.5 which is smaller than the average height of most UK women. However we are talking about average height, this doesnt mean that its completely true for everyone who is asian, its just what the majority would find themselves being.

Now i'm not trying to be rascist in any way shape or form, but sometimes you have to point things like this out for people to understand it, i know not everyone who is asian wont be busty or small or not have small eyes but this is what we know most asians to be.

There are beautiful people all over the world, from every race you can think of, we arent all going to be blessed with being thin, beautiful, silky sleek hair, perfect face etc, no race is, so even westerners saying that the Japanese are better and are all so beautiful, pfft who are you kidding? NO race of people is going to be that perfect and no one ever will be.

Westerners and Asians now have to make piece with each other, we both have the right to cosplay just as much as anyone does, so saying that westerners are better or asians are better doesnt matter, no race will be better, it is the people of those races who work hard on their costumes and spend time and money on a hobby that they love to spend time with their firends and have FUN.
THAT is what cosplaying isnt about, yes some will take it more seriously in terms of the outfits then some but at the end of the day its all down to having fun!
And anyone saying otherwise is not worth any of our time.
  • Listening to: Good time
  • Reading: Battle Royale
  • Watching: Rise of the Guardians
  • Playing: Resident evil 6
  • Eating: Curry
  • Drinking: Milk

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